Classic Albums: My Bloody Valentine – Loveless


“Don’t judge a book by its cover” they say. Well, in case of this legendary Irish band’s sophomore release, the cover really tells you everything you need to know about this record. The image of a blurry guitar drenched in sweet neon pink has become iconic over the years and it perfectly captures the essence of the album: it’s noisy, distorted but also incredibly melodic and warm.

It kicks off with a bang: Only Shallow starts with a quick drum beat followed by a MASSIVE riff accompanied by another guitar making a noise that sounds like something between a vacuum cleaner and an elephant. This part acts like a chorus on this song, while the verses are much more delicate, with Bilinda Butcher’s distant, ethereal vocals.

I could go on and describe all the songs here, but it’s hard to really capture what this is about – it’s an album you have to experience on your own. Multiple layers of guitars, incredibly complex production, dreamy, hazy vocals by both Butcher and Kevin Shields, the main man behind this masterpiece – it all adds to how dense and atmospheric this album is.

From the beginning to the closing track Soon (which echoes a bit of Stone Roses in the rhythm) it’s a wonderful, spiritual experience of an album. It only takes one listen to completely fall in love.


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